British Woman Devastated to Find Out Reason Behind Husband’s Disinterest in Sex

A newly married wife’s worst fears came true when she discovered that her husband was accessing indecent images of children. The love story Jane Gaskin, a 47-year-old grandmother from Birmingham, had been single since she lost her husband. She began chatting with her new husband David Huggings, a 48-year-old lorry driver online in August 2014. … Read more

Fewer Foreign Brides in Singapore

There are fewer foreign brides in Singapore. 4,828 Singapore men married a non-resident wife in 2015. This is the lowest number since 2005. In 2005, the number was 5,611. 17% of all marriages in Singapore involved a Singaporean groom and a non-resident bride. In 2005, the figure was 24%. What caused the decline in number … Read more

Valid Reasons For Divorce in Singapore

What are valid reasons for divorce in Singapore? An interesting case was on reported the Straits Times in late October 2016. Madam Lay Fay Yuen had used the reason of separation for 4 years to file for divorce against her husband, Dr Teng Cheng Sin. Dr Teng appealed. The High Court said that Madam Lay … Read more

Attunement- Reducing Divorce based on Unreasonable Behaviour Singapore

Research shows that women generally have 2 major complaints about men. The reasons are frequently used in a divorce based on unreasonable behaviour Singapore. “He is never there for me.” “There isn’t enough intimacy and connection.” Even while in a relationship/ married, they would feel lonely. This is linked to a lack of trust. Women … Read more

Emotionally Cheating? The Prelude to Adultery in Singapore

There are indicative signs which show that one may be “emotionally cheating”. Usually, this is the first step and prelude to an adultery. Some of the signs are as follows: You keep text messages from THAT person private and confidential. You do your best to make sure that your partner does not read messages from … Read more

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