Divorce Procedure in Singapore for PR

What is the divorce procedure in Singapore for PR? Divorce Procedure in Singapore for PR In general, the divorce procedure in Singapore for PR is identical to the divorce procedure in Singapore for citizens. If all terms are agreed, an appointment can be made with one of our lawyers. We will prepare the divorce papers … Read more

Singaporean Marrying a Foreigner

Singaporean Marrying a Foreigner 30% of residents in Singapore are not citizens or permanent residents (PR). Hence, it is common for us to see a Singaporean marrying a foreigner. There are some common misconceptions involving such marriages. The marriage does not guarantee the foreign spouse permanent residence in Singapore. To check if your spouse will … Read more

Divorce a Foreign Spouse: More than 7% of Marriages Involving Foreign Spouse Dissolved Within 5 Years!

With the increase in numbers of marriages between Singaporeans and foreigners, I have a large proportion of clients come to me looking to divorce a foreign spouse. According to Minister of Social and Family Development Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, there appears to be an upward trend when it comes to Singaporeans who want to divorce a … Read more

PR Status of Foreigners in Singapore after Divorce

Many Singaporeans are now married to foreigners. Some of these foreigners are PRs in Singapore while others are on a long term visit pass. What will happen to the PR status of foreigners in Singapore after divorce? American woman offered US citizenship through marriage Recently, it was reported that an American woman invited bids for … Read more

Preventing Parental Child Abduction Singapore

What can be done to prevent parental child abduction Singapore? At the Family Justice Courts work plan seminar held on 20 February 2017, Judicial Commissioner Valerie Thean said the Family Justice Courts would be exploring “stop order legislation” with the various ministries and agencies in 2017. 4 in 10 divorce cases in Singapore last year … Read more

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