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Are you wondering about life after divorce and looking for answers in divorce support discussion forum Singapore?

Having conducted more than a thousand divorce cases since I started my practice as a lawyer, I have become friends with many of my clients over the years. I have witnessed how they survived their divorce.

Divorce need not be the end of life.

One example is Mdm Vivian Leong. On 1 April 2012, she was cooking curry chicken when the phone rang. Her husband, calling from Shanghai, asked for a divorce. He told her that their personalities were not a good fit for each other.

Mdm Leong had been a good wife. She took care of her husband’s needs and looked after their daughter in the best possible way.

3 weeks later, Mdm Leong tried to kill herself by jumping off the building. Her 7-year-old daughter knelt down and begged her not to jump. She even told her: “Mummy, please don’t jump. If you jump, I will go down with you.” When she heard that, Mdm Leong knelt down and hugged her daughter while crying.

Her daughter, Ivory, told Mdm Leong that she should set up a ban mian stall as the ban mian she made was very good. Mdm Leong found the idea absurd. She had never worked in Singapore. She was penniless and she only cooked for her family and friends.

While it was a long journey, Mdm Leong made it. She started by washing dishes at a coffee shop and progressed to cutting chilli and vegetables at a food stall. Eventually, she learned to write receipts, take orders and keep the books. Last year, she rented a stall from a coffee shop owner who charged her $50 a day. Today, she is the proud owner of a ban mian stall.

See: Lianne Chia and Diane Leow, “Determination and a desperate daughter’s plea: The ban mian seller who turned her life around”, Channel News Asia, 3 December 2017

Madam Leong’s story is truly inspirational. It proves that there is life after divorce.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to lead a fulfilling life after divorce, look no further! As compared to contributors in divorce support discussion forum Singapore, we are better equipped to answer your questions. Contact us today!

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