Expedited Order Meaning?

Expedited Order Meaning?

Are you puzzled over the definkgdef of expedited order?

If you have suffered family violence, you may make an application for a personal protection order at the Family Justice Courts. If the Court is satisfied that there is “imminent danger” of family violence being committed against you, the Court may grant an expedited order in your favour. In other words, an expedited order is an urgent personal protection order made without going through a trial.

However, it should be noted that an expedited order will only take effect when notice of the making of the expedited order is served on the respondent (alleged offender) or a later date as given by the Court.

An expedited order serves as a temporary personal protection order and it expires upon 28 days from the date the expedited order is made, or the date of the PPO hearing, whichever comes first.

See: Section 66 of the Women’s Charter

Is an expedited order useful? See: breach of protection order.

In a recent case, an elderly gentleman applied for a PPO against his daughter. He was given an expedited order by District Judge Daniel Koh. Angered, the daughter punched her father on the left side of his face, near his eyes. She also scratched her father’s arm and only stopped when a neighbour intervened.

The woman was jailed for 4 weeks after pleading guilty to hurting her father.

See: “Woman jailed for 4 weeks for assaulting elderly father despite court order”, The Straits Times, 26 January 2018

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