Uncontested Divorce Fees Singapore

Concerned about uncontested divorce fees Singapore?

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I pride myself for being transparent and affordable.

In fact, we are so transparent that we provide our fee structure (including detailed breakdown of costs) on our website for the world to see. There has never been a case of our client being mistaken about our cost structure.

Every client is important. Every client is provided with the best services at the lowest cost.

Pursuant to the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules, lawyers have a duty to act in the best interests of his client, charge fairly and state the fee arrangements in writing. Clients have to understand the fee arrangements before they agree to it.

Uncontested Divorce Fees Singapore

We charge a flat sum of S$1,200 net (with no hidden cost) for uncontested divorces.

For separation agreements, we charge S$550 net (with no hidden cost).

If you are engaging us for an uncontested annulment, we charge a flat sum of S$1,500 net (with no hidden cost).

Most lawyers in Singapore charge a fee based on:

  1. The complexity of the matter;
  2. Time spent;
  3. Amount or value of property/ money involved;
  4. Number of documents prepared; and
  5. Skill and specialized knowledge of the lawyer.

See: Shawn Toh, “No recommended fee structures for lawyers’ work, but stringent rules govern lawyers’ conduct: Law Society”, Today, 6 November 2017

Personally, I am used to keeping to fixed legal fees. Point 3 is not important. Whether my clients own a landed property or a HDB flat, I am consistent in charging a flat sum of S$1,200 net for an uncontested divorce. The time spent is the same and there is no need for me to charge more.

For complex matters (usually contested), we offer a cap on legal fees. This is to ensure that our clients know the maximum amount that they have to pay, regardless of the number of documents prepared or time spent. For contested matters which are resolved by mediation, your legal costs will be capped at S$5,850 net. This means that even if we were to attend 100 mediation sessions with you, S$5,850 net is the maximum that you have to pay!

For more information on uncontested divorce fees Singapore, contact us today!

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