Share this on WhatsAppExpedited Order Meaning? Are you puzzled over the definkgdef of expedited order? If you have suffered family violence, you may make an application for a personal protection order at the Family Justice Courts. If the Court is satisfied that there is “imminent danger” of family violence being committed against you, the Court may grant an expedited order in your favour. In other words, an expedited order is an urgent personal protection order made without going through a trial. However, it should be noted that an expedited order will only take effect when notice of the making of the
Share this on WhatsAppLooking to get a cheap divorce in Singapore? It is not impossible. We offer fixed price divorce packages within (or under) your budget. For a simplified divorce with all terms agreed, all you pay is $1,200 nett (with no hidden cost). The amount of $1,200 nett includes Court filing fees, Commissioner’s fees and bankruptcy searches- all of which are needed for the divorce. In the opening of the legal year ceremony on 8 January 2018, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon asked the Family Justice Courts to work with the Law Society of Singapore to explore the possibility of
Share this on WhatsAppIt was announced earlier that from 21 January 2018, if you have at least one child under the age of 21, and you have not agreed on ancillary matters with your spouse, it is mandatory for you to attend the Mandatory Parenting Programme MSF before filing for divorce. Ancillary matters include custody, care and control and access to your children, maintenance issues and division of matrimonial assets. Only the party who wishes to divorce shall attend. Hence, you do not need to attend the Mandatory Parenting Programme MSF with your spouse. The Mandatory Parenting Programme MSF will
Share this on WhatsAppLooking to reach a divorce settlement Singapore with your spouse, but don’t know where to start? Fret not, we are here to help you. Benefits of Reaching a Divorce Settlement Singapore It is obvious that there are many advantages of reaching a divorce settlement Singapore and settling out of Court. You will get your divorce much faster and much cheaper. You do not have to spend much effort on the case and you can divert your resources to rebuild your life. But the question is, where do you begin? We suggest that you should have a consultation
Share this on WhatsAppIn deciding whether to get a divorce, one of the top concerns of my clients is their children. For instance, they wouldn’t want to get a divorce when their child is facing a major national examination, such as the PSLE. What are the potential effects of divorce on children’s behaviour? Will your children turn rebellious after your divorce? I read with interest Mr Wong Boon Hong’s letter to the Straits Times Forum Page, as published on 31 December 2017. In Mr Wong’s words, “it is far better to have a loving single-parent family than to have a
Share this on WhatsAppIf you have made up your mind about getting divorced, you are likely to be interested to know about the fastest way to get a divorce in Singapore. The fastest way to get a divorce in Singapore is to reach a settlement on all terms with your spouse (division of matrimonial assets, maintenance (alimony), and custody/ care and control/ access issues). If you have a settlement with your spouse, you do not need to go through the mediation process. You do not need to have the Court hear the case and determine its outcome. What you need to
Share this on WhatsAppAre you looking to engage the top divorce lawyer Singapore? Not everyone thinks highly of divorce lawyers in Singapore. Recently, Ms Jocelyn Wong Jia Min wrote to the Straits Times forum page. She called family lawyers “driven by commercial interests” and alleged that “overcharging is common in the industry”. Wong went so far as to say that it is “not uncommon to hear of lawyers fomenting conflict between parties in divorce and other family-related proceedings- by encouraging their clients to distort and exaggerate events- preventing early settlements”. She said that there should be a cap on fees
Share this on WhatsAppLooking for a deed of separation template Singapore? I have had many enquiries on deed of separation template Singapore. Many of my clients asked me if it is possible for them to prepare a deed of separation by themselves, using a deed of separation template Singapore, without going through a lawyer. The top concern is cost. Getting a family lawyer to prepare a deed of separation can cost above $1,000. Most people would rather save that money for divorce (in the future after a period of separation). Should you prepare a deed of separation based on a
Share this on WhatsAppHow does the Court make a decision on division of matrimonial assets in Singapore? Under Section 112 of the Women’s Charter, the Family Justice Courts have the power to order division of matrimonial assets. The Court needs to consider the following factors: Financial contributions made by each party towards the acquisition of assets; Needs of children; Indirect contributions made by each party towards the welfare of the family; Agreement made by parties in relation to the division of matrimonial assets made in contemplation of divorce; Assistance given by one party to the other in support of his/
Share this on WhatsAppOn average, I prepare at least 1 marriage separation agreement for my client every week. Most of my clients would prefer to get a divorce/ annulment if they are able to. With a divorce/ annulment, they are no longer related and tied to their spouse. They are able to start a new life, buy a new property and begin a new relationship. However, some of my clients are unable to because of the following reasons: They are married for less than 3 years, or they have resided in Singapore for less than 3 years. Thus, they do
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