Effects of Divorce in Singapore

What are the effects of divorce in Singapore?

When a client asks me about the effects of divorce in Singapore, he/ she is normally concerned about the consequences of divorce.


What is going to happen to the flat? Who will get what?

Will there be maintenance (also known as alimony)? Will it be sufficient to maintain the current living standards of the wife? Or will it be so much that the husband will have difficulties paying it?


Who is going to have care and control of the child? If you don’t have care and control of the child, will your spouse make it difficult for you to see the child?

What are the emotional effects of divorce in Singapore- on the child and on the couple?

The effects of divorce on the child will be exacerbated in both parents are not willing to come to a compromise on the care arrangements of the child.

Case Study

Recently, I read about how former reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin had a major argument at the dentist’s office over who would take one of their children home from the appointment. The argument got so big that police officers were called in.

See: Patrick McMahon, “Police called on Jon, Kate Gosselin over dispute”, Aol, 23 August 2017

It is a learning process. Life is not going to be the same before and after divorce, unless you have been separated for a long time before the divorce.

There will be emotional and financial implications.

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