Should You Rely on a Deed of Separation Template Singapore?

Looking for a deed of separation template Singapore?

I have had many enquiries on deed of separation template Singapore. Many of my clients asked me if it is possible for them to prepare a deed of separation by themselves, using a deed of separation template Singapore, without going through a lawyer.

The top concern is cost. Getting a family lawyer to prepare a deed of separation can cost above $1,000. Most people would rather save that money for divorce (in the future after a period of separation).

Should you prepare a deed of separation based on a deed of separation template Singapore? The answer is no.

At Family Law Advocates, we charge a flat sum of $550 net to prepare a deed of separation. The deed of separation can be prepared and ready for signing within 24 hours. It is cheap and fuss free.

We will ensure that your intentions are properly articulated in the deed of separation. You may wish to include in your deed of separation:

  1. The date of separation;
  2. The time for divorce;
  3. Custody, care and control and access issues;
  4. Intended manner of division of matrimonial assets; and
  5. Maintenance (alimony) issues.

We will also witness the signing of the deed for free. With 2 witnesses to the signing, the deed of separation is formalized.

Many of my clients believe that physical separation for a period of 3 to 4 years is sufficient for the purpose of divorce. There should also be an “emotional detachment” between parties during this period of separation. A properly drafted and executed deed of separation will help to prove that.

For instance, an elderly couple was recently forced to physically separate due to nursing home facilities. There is no emotional detachment in such a case and any period of separation cannot be used towards the purpose of divorce.

See: “Canada couple forced to spend Christmas apart after 70 years”, BBC, 20 December 2017

For more information on deed of separation in Singapore, contact us today!

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