Annulment Process Singapore

The annulment process Singapore is relatively straightforward if your annulment is an uncontested one.

Annulment Process Singapore

  1. Your annulment lawyer will prepare all the annulment papers. For us, we will be able to email the draft to you within 48 hours of engagement.
  2. Once you approve the annulment papers, your annulment lawyer will submit the annulment papers to the Family Justice Courts via the eligitation system.
  3. Signing will be arranged.
  4. After the signing, the annulment papers are returned to the Family Justice Courts via the eligitation system. A hearing date will be fixed by the Family Justice Courts and you will be notified. If you are the Plaintiff (the person who engages the lawyer), you will attend the hearing with us. Your spouse need not attend the hearing.
  5. Interim Judgment for annulment will be granted at the hearing.
  6. Final Judgment for annulment will be granted 3 months after the hearing.

Paperwork required as part of the Annulment Process Singapore

If you have a child conceived prior to the solemnization of the marriage (i.e. a shotgun marriage), you can still file for annulment in Singapore. Issues concerning (1) the child (custody, care and control, and access) and (2) joint properties (such as a HDB flat) will need to be provided for in the draft consent order.

You will need a reason for annulment in Singapore. The most common reason for annulment in Singapore is one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage. This has to be indicated in the Statement of Particulars.

If the marriage is not consummated because one party refuses to, the other party is likely to experience feelings of frustration. In moments like this:

  1. Know that you are not alone: find a support system;
  2. Don’t blame yourself;
  3. Get your spouse to see a doctor (if he/ she is willing to);
  4. Find out if your spouse is willing to work on the issue together with you; and
  5. Make time for intimacy.

See: Brittany Wong, “Here’s What All Women in Sexless Marriages Need to Know”, Huffpost, 6 August 2015

If everything fails, you may need to look for an annulment lawyer in Singapore.

Contact us today if you need more information on the annulment process Singapore.

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