Annulment Process Singapore

The annulment process Singapore is relatively straightforward if your annulment is an uncontested one. Annulment Process Singapore Your annulment lawyer will prepare all the annulment papers. For us, we will be able to email the draft to you within 48 hours of engagement. Once you approve the annulment papers, your annulment lawyer will submit the … Read more

Is it Possible to Get a Divorce in Singapore when the Marriage is Less than 3 years?

Every week, I receive enquiries from potential clients about the possibility of getting a divorce in Singapore when the marriage is less than 3 years. Is it possible to get a divorce in Singapore when the marriage is less than 3 years? Yes, provided that you can prove that you have suffered “exceptional hardship” which … Read more

Uncontested Annulment Singapore

In an uncontested annulment Singapore case, the process is largely administrative. The Process- Uncontested Annulment Singapore Annulment papers are drafted and submitted to Court. A date is arranged for signing. The Defendant will be served the papers and he/ she shall sign a document known as “Memorandum of Appearance”, indicating that he/ she does not … Read more

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