Cheap Divorce in Singapore

Looking to get a cheap divorce in Singapore? It is not impossible.

We offer fixed price divorce packages within (or under) your budget.

For a simplified divorce with all terms agreed, all you pay is $1,200 nett (with no hidden cost). The amount of $1,200 nett includes Court filing fees, Commissioner’s fees and bankruptcy searches- all of which are needed for the divorce.

In the opening of the legal year ceremony on 8 January 2018, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon asked the Family Justice Courts to work with the Law Society of Singapore to explore the possibility of developing a “low bono” model to offer legal help at discounted rates for those who are unable to qualify for pro bono aid but cannot afford a lawyer.

See: Selina Lum, “Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon moots idea of ‘low bono’ scheme for family disputes”, The Straits Times, 8 January 2018

At Family Law Advocates, we have already launched the low bono model. We offer our clients the possibility of getting a cheap divorce in Singapore, especially if all terms are agreed and they simply need a lawyer to assist with the administrative process of formalizing the divorce. We also offer advice on the feasibility of terms.

We do not charge our clients based on how much they earn or what they own. In other words, unlike the Legal Aid Bureau, we do not carry out a means test on you. As long as your divorce is uncontested, it will cost just $1,200 nett (with no hidden cost).

If you want to get a cheap divorce in Singapore, contact us today for more information!

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