Cheap Divorce in Singapore

Looking to get a cheap divorce in Singapore? It is not impossible. We offer fixed price divorce packages within (or under) your budget. For a simplified divorce with all terms agreed, all you pay is $1,200 nett (with no hidden cost). The amount of $1,200 nett includes Court filing fees, Commissioner’s fees and bankruptcy searches- … Read more

Uncontested Divorce Fees Singapore

Concerned about uncontested divorce fees Singapore? As a family lawyer in Singapore, I pride myself for being transparent and affordable. In fact, we are so transparent that we provide our fee structure (including detailed breakdown of costs) on our website for the world to see. There has never been a case of our client being … Read more

Family Law Firms Singapore

What are the qualities of lawyers in good family law firms Singapore? Today’s family lawyers have many hats to wear. Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon described family lawyers as the “best first responders” to their clients. Family lawyers have to be good problem solvers. They have to “teach” their clients to make wise decisions and when … Read more

Family Law Singapore- What makes a good family law practitioner?

What does it take to be a good practitioner of family law Singapore? Family law Singapore is not a typical practice area, where the focus is about maximizing profits. In some other areas of law, litigation (going to Court) may be necessary and helpful in getting to the issues and resolving them. This may not … Read more

$1 Lawyer Singapore- Fact or Fiction?

Is it possible to engage a $1 lawyer Singapore? $1 lawyer Singapore Typically, when people talk about a $1 lawyer Singapore, they are either referring to: A lawyer who is working on a pro bono basis. For instance, you have a friend who is a lawyer. The lawyer agrees to act for you for free. … Read more

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