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What are the qualities of lawyers in good family law firms Singapore?

Today’s family lawyers have many hats to wear. Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon described family lawyers as the “best first responders” to their clients.

Family lawyers have to be good problem solvers. They have to “teach” their clients to make wise decisions and when appropriate, they have to urge their clients to seek appropriate assistance in therapy, co-parenting or financial planning.

It is important for family lawyers to be active listeners and observant.

Family lawyers have the opportunity to influence how a client acts in the dispute, and his/ her willingness to reduce the conflict.

Good family lawyers are also skilled in mediation. Family law is not about going to Court to win. It is about offering practical solutions to parties. About 77% of contested cases are resolved by mediation in 2015.

Family lawyers sometimes wear the hat of counsellors, providing a listening ear to troubled clients. As the CJ said, “lawyers can afford their clients a safe space to confide in them, and then appropriately counsel them and help them in their quest for a more hopeful future than the past from which they have come.”

See: Valerie Koh, “A counsellor, listener and problem-solver- family lawyers play multi-faceted role”, Today, 14 July 2017

Apart from the above qualities, what should you look out for in your search for the best family law firms Singapore?

I would think a good family lawyer is one who understands the needs of his clients.

From my years of practising family law, I think it is safe to say that most of my clients want nothing more than to close this painful chapter in their life and move on.

We take pride in being efficient, prompt and cost-conscious. Draft papers are normally sent within 48 hours and filed within 1 week. Our family law packages are extremely price-competitive as we believe that our client’s money should be better spent on rebuilding their lives and children.

Are you searching for the best family law firms Singapore? Contact us today to experience low-cost efficiency, empathy and solutions!

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