Infidelity Singapore

Infidelity Singapore

If you are googling infidelity Singapore, you have come to the right place. We are sorry that you may have been cheated on.

Your heart is torn apart and you may be questioning your self-worth.

Even if you are young and beautiful, you may not be spared infidelity Singapore. For instance, actress Jayley Woo broke up with her then-boyfriend Edwin Goh after he reportedly kissed another actress. Woo eventually moved on.

What can you do about infidelity Singapore?

  1. Focus on yourself. You are likely to be fixated on your ex and the third party. You will focus on how you were wronged. You may even blame yourself for what happened. You should, however, focus on the good things you did in the relationship and bring it to your next relationship.
  2. Stay with people who would lift you up. Open up to someone you can trust, be it a family member or a good friend. Talk it out and don’t bottle things inside yourself. Don’t even be afraid to go to a professional counsellor. You will not be judged. You will be helped.
  3. Give yourself a break. You might not get over the torment of being cheated on for a long time (weeks, months or even a year). But eventually, you will get over it.

See: Letty Seah, “Jayley Woo shares how she got over her heartbreak”, Her World Online (as seen from Asia One), 18 November 2017

Things can get a lot worse if you are married and you are reliant on your spouse. What is going to happen to the children? What is going to happen to the house?

Lots of questions may be running through your mind.

Talk to us today if you are faced with infidelity Singapore.

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