Infidelity Singapore

Infidelity Singapore If you are googling infidelity Singapore, you have come to the right place. We are sorry that you may have been cheated on. Your heart is torn apart and you may be questioning your self-worth. Even if you are young and beautiful, you may not be spared infidelity Singapore. For instance, actress Jayley … Read more

Do You Need the Best Private Investigator Singapore?

I have been asked to recommend the best private investigator Singapore on several occasions. Typically, my clients suspect that their spouse is cheating when: They spot behavioural changes in their spouse. For instance, they might take more care to look better. There is suspicious hand phone use. The spouse may have started using a password, when … Read more

Do You Need a Recommended Private Investigator?

Many of my clients ask if I have a recommended private investigator. I don’t normally recommend that my clients hire a private investigator to check on their spouse for the following reasons: The costs associated with hiring a recommended private investigator can be high, and it is wiser to use the money on their future; … Read more

Adultery Alimony Singapore

Is there such a thing as adultery alimony Singapore? Adultery Alimony Singapore In general, the answer is no. Adultery is a reason which one can use to file for divorce in Singapore. The amount of spousal alimony (maintenance) is determined by: The financial needs of the wife; The financial resources of the wife; The financial … Read more

Adultery Punishment in Singapore?

Is there adultery punishment in Singapore? Adultery Punishment in Singapore for the one who committed adultery? In general, adultery in Singapore is a fact that can be used to demonstrate the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Adultery in Singapore does not have any direct effect on the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance or children’s custody. … Read more

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