Do You Need the Best Private Investigator Singapore?

I have been asked to recommend the best private investigator Singapore on several occasions.

Typically, my clients suspect that their spouse is cheating when:

  1. They spot behavioural changes in their spouse. For instance, they might take more care to look better.
  2. There is suspicious hand phone use. The spouse may have started using a password, when he/ she never used to need one.
  3. There is unexplained anger towards the other spouse.
  4. There are many reasons for the spouse not to stay at home.
  5. They find proof of infidelity.

See: Emily Mazza, “How to spot a cheating husband: TOP private investigator reveals the SIX signs to look for if you suspect your partner might be on the prowl”, Daily Mail Australia, 30 October 2017

Best Private Investigator Singapore

The best private investigator, to me, is one who is experienced.

  1. He/ she knows the tell-tale signs.
  2. He/ she does not get caught when spying for you.
  3. He/ she does his/ her best to obtain evidence that you can use in Court.
  4. The best private investigator Singapore will act in your interests and not incur unnecessary costs.
  5. He/ she is polite and understanding.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a poor lady who took up a loan of S$10,000.00 to engage a private investigator for 3 days. Many of the photographs taken were of poor quality and according to the lady, the private investigator went as far as taking a photograph of the alleged 3rd party in front of her face. Naturally, the lady’s husband found out easily and was put on guard.

Last year, I had a client who incurred a S$30,000 bill. In the end the private investigator and his partner fell out and the investigator refused to attend Court to give evidence.

It is important to pick the right private investigator. However, before doing so, you should ask yourself if:

  1. Your objective is solely to get a divorce; and
  2. You are ready to take the risk to hire a private investigator for thousands of dollars which you may not be able to recover at Court.

If your objective is solely to get a divorce, you need not prove adultery. Most of my clients file for divorce on the basis of unreasonable behaviour or separation.

Secondly, it is not true that you will recover every cent you spend on the private investigator even if you manage to prove adultery. The Court has to determine the amount of costs, and it may be lower than expected.

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