Marriage Separation Agreement

On average, I prepare at least 1 marriage separation agreement for my client every week.

Most of my clients would prefer to get a divorce/ annulment if they are able to. With a divorce/ annulment, they are no longer related and tied to their spouse. They are able to start a new life, buy a new property and begin a new relationship.

However, some of my clients are unable to because of the following reasons:

  1. They are married for less than 3 years, or they have resided in Singapore for less than 3 years. Thus, they do not qualify for divorce in Singapore.
  2. Their HDB flat is under the MOP period. They have to fulfil the minimum occupancy period of 5 years in order to sell the flat in the open market.
  3. Their children are young and they do not wish to disrupt the lives of the children.
  4. They wish to give each other a chance. Sometimes, you just need a cooling-off period to make things better and there is no urgent need to dissolve the marriage.
  5. They are not able to get a divorce/ annulment because of their religion.

Whatever your reason may be, you may wish to explore the option of entering into a marriage separation agreement with your spouse.

It seems that even Princess Martha Louise of Norway is separated from her spouse.

See: Sarah Begley, “This Newly Single Princess Just Asked Santa for a Boyfriend for Christmas”, Time, 13 December 2017

If you have more questions on how a marriage separation agreement works, or what you should have in your marriage separation agreement, or if a marriage separation agreement is for you, contact us today!

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