Deed of Separation Singapore Sample

Are you searching the net for a deed of separation Singapore sample?

Being physically separated allow you space and time to decide whether the marriage can be saved. In instances where you have decided on the eventuality of divorce, you may need a deed of separation Singapore sample because:

  1. Your children are young/ going through major examinations and you do not wish to affect them emotionally with your divorce; and/ or
  2. Your HDB flat is under the Minimum Occupancy Period and you need to stay married for a bit longer in order to sell the flat in the open market.

Deed of Separation Singapore Sample

In general, you should have the following clauses in your deed of separation:

  1. A “separation clause” indicating the date of separation. You may also wish to indicate if either party is free to date during the period of separation.
  2. A “writ of divorce clause” indicating when either party can file for divorce.
  3. A “division of assets clause” indicating how you will divide your marital assets.
  4. A “child custody clause” indicating the party who shall have custody, care and control and access to the child.
  5. A “child/ spousal support clause” indicating the amount of maintenance to be paid.

See: Jeff Landers, “Dos and Dont’s of Marital Separation”, Forbes, 4 April 2017

While you understand what the important clauses in a deed of separation are, we do not advise you to draft one for yourself.

Firstly, you may not be able to draft it accurately to reflect your wishes.

Secondly, it may be helpful to have an independent solicitor/ Commissioner of Oaths/ Notary Public witness the signing of the deed.

At Family Law Advocates, we charge a flat fee of S$550.00 net for a deed of separation. Our package includes the following services:

  1. Advice on your rights.
  2. Drafting of the deed of separation.
  3. Witnessing the signing of the deed of separation.

Contact us today for more information!

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