Occupation with Highest Divorce Rate

Research shows that employment and salary have large impact on divorce rates. What is the occupation with highest divorce rate?

Occupation with Highest Divorce Rate

Research in the US shows that certain occupations have higher divorce rates than others. Using data from the US Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Community Survey from 2015, statistician Nathan Yau found that casino managers have the highest divorce rate at 52.9%. Bartenders have a 52.7% divorce rate. Flight attendants come in third at 52.5%.

On the contrary, people in the medical, technology and finance fields have the lowest divorce rates. Actuaries, for instance, have a divorce rate of 17%. Similarly, scientists generally have a divorce rate that is lower than 20%.

Despite the results, switching jobs or becoming unemployed is not going to help a person stay married. In fact, divorce rates are a lot higher for people who are unemployed.

Why do people with different occupations have different divorce rates? People with certain occupations are likely to have similar demographics and way of living their lives. This will explain their chances of getting divorced.

See: Rose Leadem, “10 jobs with the highest divorce rates- and 10 with the lowest”, Business Insider, 31 October 2017

Having conducted more than 1,000 divorce cases in the last few years, I have had clients from all walks of life.

From my experience, it is not the profession that leads to the divorce. Rather, it is the way parties interact with each other. For instance, parties who have busy schedules at work tend to have less time for each time and be less involved in each other’s life. This could lead to problems and even separation.

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