Do You Need a Recommended Private Investigator?

Many of my clients ask if I have a recommended private investigator.

I don’t normally recommend that my clients hire a private investigator to check on their spouse for the following reasons:

  1. The costs associated with hiring a recommended private investigator can be high, and it is wiser to use the money on their future;
  2. There is no need to use the reason of adultery to file for divorce in Singapore. There are other reasons which you can rely on to file for divorce in Singapore; and
  3. Adultery does not affect the ancillary matters- including assets, children and alimony.

However, if you really need to know if your spouse is cheating on you, it may not be wise to carry on the investigations all by yourself.

Case Study

Sean Donis had tracked his spouse down at her boss’ (Albert Lopez) home using the “Find My iPhone” app. He went to the house and entered through the unlocked front door, before proceeding to confront and film his wife and Lopez in bed. Months later, Donis was indicted by a grand jury for unlawful surveillance and felony burglary.

See: Emily Crane, “Man, 37, who filmed himself busting his wife in bed with her boss could now be jailed for unlawful surveillance”, Daily Mail, 5 September 2017

While there is no law against conducting investigations by yourself, you may run the risk of breaking the law unwittingly if you are not careful. In cases as such, it may be prudent to hire a recommended private investigator.

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