Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment

Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment

Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment depends on the severity of the harm inflicted on the victim.

In a recent case, a father was sentenced to one year imprisonment for causing a fracture to his son’s right eye socket. He pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous hurt to his son on 10 August 2017. The man had assaulted his son at home on 28 May 2015. At that material time, the man was undergoing divorce proceedings with his wife. The couple were separated.

On the night of the incident, the boy said to his father: “You like that woman more than us. Why do you care for us so much?” The boy was referring to a “China mistress”. Angered by what the boy said, the man went to his son and kicked his face and body. When the boy’s mother tried to shield him, she was kicked as well. The man continued to punch his son’s face.

The family domestic helper alerted the police and took the boy to the hospital where it was found that he suffered from a fractured eye socket and a bruised forehead.

See: Shaffiq Idris Alkhatib, “Jail for father who fractured son’s eye socket in assault”, The Straits Times, 7 September 2017

The case described above is obviously a serious case of domestic violence in Singapore, where a jail term was handed out to the errant father.

If you encounter family violence in Singapore, you should make a police report and seek treatment from a doctor. With your medical and police reports, as well as your marriage certificate/ birth certificate (if applicable), you can then apply for a personal protection order (PPO) at the Family Justice Courts. If there is imminent danger, the Court may grant an Expedited Order to you.

The breach of a PPO can result in serious consequences.

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