Adultery Alimony Singapore

Is there such a thing as adultery alimony Singapore?

Adultery Alimony Singapore

In general, the answer is no. Adultery is a reason which one can use to file for divorce in Singapore.

The amount of spousal alimony (maintenance) is determined by:

  1. The financial needs of the wife;
  2. The financial resources of the wife;
  3. The financial resources of the husband;
  4. The age of the parties and the length of marriage;
  5. The standard of living enjoyed by the wife prior to the divorce; and
  6. The parties’ respective contributions to the marriage and the family.

See: Section 114 of the Women’s Charter (Singapore)

Further, if the wife has a career and is able to sustain herself financially, the Court may not order maintenance in her favour.

Case Study

It was recently reported that Coleen Rooney, the wife of former Manchester United’s captain Wayne Rooney, is considering a divorce as “cheating fears are ‘killing’ her”. Laura Simpson allegedly “kissed and hugged” Wayne Rooney before he offered to drive her home in her car. Coleen Rooney is pregnant with their 4th child. She messaged Laura on Instagram before calling her to ask about what happened. Coleen is furious that Wayne had spent 20 minutes with Laura in the car before driving her home.

A source explained: “She fears he’s either cheated or was planning to cheat and considering ending it all because of this. It’s killing her thinking what would have happened if they had not been stopped by the police.”

See: Anne-Marie Bojan, “Coleen Rooney ‘Considering 70m pounds Divorce’ From Wayne As Cheating Fears Are ‘Killing” Her”, UNILAD

Will Coleen Rooney get adultery alimony Singapore, if she were to file for divorce in Singapore? She may receive alimony based on the other factors listed in Section 114 of the Women’s Charter.

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