Name Change After Marriage Singapore

Name Change after Marriage Singapore

Are you looking to adopt your husband’s surname?

In Singapore, many women choose to keep their maiden name after they get married. There are some who choose to adopt their husband’s last name.

This is unlike the case in Japan, where “married couples are legally obliged to use one family name. In most cases, women lose their pre-marriage names.”

See: Reiji Yoshida, “Central government to let ministry staff use pre-marriage names on externally used documents”, Japan Times, 1 September 2017

If you wish to adopt your husband’s last name, and go through a name change after marriage Singapore, you can do so by way of a deed poll. After your deed poll is executed, you can bring the original copy of the deed poll and your NRIC to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority to effect the name change after marriage Singapore.

What happens in the event of a divorce?

Over the last few years, I have encountered some cases whereby my clients who underwent a name change after marriage Singapore go through another name change after their divorce to revert to their maiden name. The process is the same.

If you wish to change your child’s surname from your husband’s surname to yours, you have to seek your husband’s consent.

Many of my clients thought that they will be able to change the surname of their child if they have sole custody of their child. The answer is no. The father’s consent is still needed even in the event that you hold sole custody to your child.

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