Adultery Punishment in Singapore?

Is there adultery punishment in Singapore?

Adultery Punishment in Singapore for the one who committed adultery?

In general, adultery in Singapore is a fact that can be used to demonstrate the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Adultery in Singapore does not have any direct effect on the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance or children’s custody.

How about adultery punishment in Singapore for third parties?

Recently, a Sri Lankan man was charged with seducing another man’s wife. The charge is for “enticing, taking away or detaining with criminal intent a married woman”, which is a criminal offence under Section 498 of the Sri Lankan Penal Code.

See: “Sri Lankan charged with seducing married woman”, The Star, 18 August 2017

There is however no equivalent of the seduction law in Singapore.

If you suspect that your spouse committed adultery, you may wish to engage a Private Investigator to conduct further investigations on your spouse. If you have sufficient information and evidence to commence divorce proceedings using the fact of your spouse’s adultery, you can name the third party as the “co-defendant”. Papers will then be served on the co-defendant, who will either defend against the claim or admit to the claim.

However, do note that this process may result in additional costs. For instance, hiring a private investigator is not cheap and may set you back by thousands of dollars.

An alternative may be to file for divorce using the unreasonable behaviour of your spouse (improper association with the third party). The end result is the same- divorce.

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