$1 Lawyer Singapore- Fact or Fiction?

Is it possible to engage a $1 lawyer Singapore?

$1 lawyer Singapore

Typically, when people talk about a $1 lawyer Singapore, they are either referring to:

  1. A lawyer who is working on a pro bono basis. For instance, you have a friend who is a lawyer. The lawyer agrees to act for you for free. However, do you just pay $1? Do note that to file a divorce, your lawyer would have to pay for:
    1. Filing fees (for papers to be submitted to Court),
    2. Commissioning fees (payable to the Commissioner of Oaths who witness your signing of papers); and
    3. Other disbursements involving photocopying fees, transport, etc.

Even if your lawyer agrees to be a $1 lawyer Singapore, it is unlikely that he/ she would be willing to pay out of his/ her own pocket the related costs mentioned above. To do so, the lawyer will be working not just for fee, but on a negative income.

  1. A lawyer from the Legal Aid Bureau. Typically, most people still pay a contribution towards work done. This will normally mean something that is $1000 or below. You may also need to pay for documents such as medical report.

While it may save you some money to actively source out a $1 lawyer Singapore, you should take note that:

  1. A $1 lawyer Singapore doesn’t really cost just $1. In all likelihood, you still need to pay at least a few hundred dollars.
  2. The application process at the Legal Aid Bureau can be long. You don’t apply for a $1 lawyer Singapore today and get 1 tomorrow. You have to be assessed on your eligibility. Should you be deemed ineligible, you would have wasted time and effort going through the process.

While we have seen people get married for a dollar, it certainly would not cost a dollar to get a divorce.

See: Sabrina Rojas Weiss, “A Couple Got Married for $1, Showing Just How Little You Need to Celebrate True Love”, Yahoo Style, 31 January 2017

The good thing is, we offer the next best thing to a $1 lawyer Singapore. Should your divorce be uncontested, the cost of your divorce will be $1200 NET. Engage us today, and you will have the divorce papers in your email inbox within 72 hours. In fact, the signing can even take place within 92 hours!

It is fast. It is easy. It is cheap. Do you really need to search for a $1 lawyer Singapore (who may not even be $1 after all)?

Contact us today for more information!

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