Cheap Divorce in Singapore

Looking to get a cheap divorce in Singapore? It is not impossible. We offer fixed price divorce packages within (or under) your budget. For a simplified divorce with all terms agreed, all you pay is $1,200 nett (with no hidden cost). The amount of $1,200 nett includes Court filing fees, Commissioner’s fees and bankruptcy searches- … Read more

Top Divorce Lawyer Singapore

Are you looking to engage the top divorce lawyer Singapore? Not everyone thinks highly of divorce lawyers in Singapore. Recently, Ms Jocelyn Wong Jia Min wrote to the Straits Times forum page. She called family lawyers “driven by commercial interests” and alleged that “overcharging is common in the industry”. Wong went so far as to … Read more

Family Justice Courts of Singapore

The Family Justice Courts of Singapore was established in 2014 to make family disputes less adversarial, with more emphasis placed on the well-being of children. The Family Justice Courts help families to resolve their disputes faster. The focus of the Family Justice Courts is on providing parties with a practical outcome and direct their attention … Read more

Uncontested Divorce Hearing Singapore

Many of my clients are concerned about going to Court for their divorce. To a layman, the prospect of going to Court can be terrifying. The good news is you do not need to attend your uncontested divorce hearing Singapore if your divorce is uncontested! Uncontested Divorce Hearing Singapore If you have reached an agreement … Read more

Uncontested Divorce Fees Singapore

Concerned about uncontested divorce fees Singapore? As a family lawyer in Singapore, I pride myself for being transparent and affordable. In fact, we are so transparent that we provide our fee structure (including detailed breakdown of costs) on our website for the world to see. There has never been a case of our client being … Read more

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