Family Justice Courts of Singapore

The Family Justice Courts of Singapore was established in 2014 to make family disputes less adversarial, with more emphasis placed on the well-being of children. The Family Justice Courts help families to resolve their disputes faster. The focus of the Family Justice Courts is on providing parties with a practical outcome and direct their attention … Read more

What Should You Do After Receiving the Writ for Divorce?

After you receive the writ for divorce (against your wishes), what should you do? Steps after receiving the Writ for Divorce You should look for a lawyer. Explain to your lawyer if you wish to proceed with divorce as well. If you do, are you agreeable to the terms proposed by your spouse? If you … Read more

Contested Divorce Fees in Singapore

Are you concerned about contested divorce fees in Singapore? Have you heard many horror stories about contested divorce fees? Recently, Dasha Zhukova and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (worth $9.3 billion) announced their plans to separate after 10 years of marriage. The couple have 2 children, businesses in Russia and an extensive art collection. As reported, … Read more

New Rules for Family Lawyers Singapore- Good Family Lawyer Singapore

What makes a good family lawyer Singapore? A good family lawyer Singapore focuses on helping his clients solve their problems. This can sometimes be done before/ without going to Court. There will be new professional rules requiring family lawyers in Singapore to advise their clients of alternative ways of resolving their disputes before/ without going … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce In Singapore?

How long does it take to get a divorce in Singapore? Have you been hearing horror stories of how it takes years to conclude a divorce in Singapore? According to Judicial Commissioner Valerie Thean (the Presiding Judge of the Family Justice Courts), 74% of divorce cases filed in 2016 were settled within the same year … Read more

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