What Should You Do After Receiving the Writ for Divorce?

After you receive the writ for divorce (against your wishes), what should you do?

Steps after receiving the Writ for Divorce

You should look for a lawyer. Explain to your lawyer if you wish to proceed with divorce as well. If you do, are you agreeable to the terms proposed by your spouse? If you are, your lawyer will contact your spouse’s lawyer and the divorce will proceed on an uncontested basis.

Should you not be agreeable to the divorce and/ or the terms proposed by your spouse, your lawyer will file a document known as “Memorandum of Appearance” to inform the Court that you wish to contest the divorce and/ or the terms.

More documents will need to be submitted to Court. If you have at least one child under the age of 21, both parties will proceed to mediation to attempt to resolve matters amicably and out of Court.

Over the years, I have met many clients who wish to salvage the marriage after receiving the Writ for Divorce. Some manage to save the marriage, while others don’t.

If the marriage cannot be salvaged, how do you move on?

  1. Re-establish yourself as a single person. When you are married, you integrate your partner into your personal identity. You need to create new routines in your life and get rid of things that reminds you of your ex.
  2. Start dating.

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