Contested Divorce Fees in Singapore

Are you concerned about contested divorce fees in Singapore? Have you heard many horror stories about contested divorce fees?

Recently, Dasha Zhukova and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (worth $9.3 billion) announced their plans to separate after 10 years of marriage. The couple have 2 children, businesses in Russia and an extensive art collection. As reported, the divorce could be “one of the most expensive splits in history”.

Does a divorce have to be expensive? No!

See: Sarah Jacobs, “A close friend of Ivanka Trump is in the middle of what could be the most expensive divorce in history- see her fabulous life”, Business Insider, 27 August 2017

Most contested divorces in Singapore are resolved by way of mediation. Mediation is a process whereby both parties (together with lawyers) negotiate before a mediator in the hope of reaching an out of Court settlement.

Why are so many cases resolved by mediation?

As experienced family lawyers, we know the “best-case-scenario” and the “worst-case-scenario” should we go to Court. Usually, the “best-case-scenario” and the “worst-case-scenario” will not be poles apart. The differences can be minor. Hence, if we were to negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer, we are likely to strike a deal down the middle.

Should we manage to reach a settlement out of Court, our clients will save time and costs. This is our objective- to assist our clients in resolving their problems in the cheapest and most efficient manner.

At Family Law Advocates, we operate on a transparent basis. We do not charge based on what you and your spouse own. Even if you were a multi-billionaire, our standard charges apply.

To find out more about contested divorce fees, contact us today!

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