Family Violence Cases in Singapore

What should victims in family violence cases in Singapore do?

Family Violence Cases in Singapore

Family violence cases in Singapore need not be violent in nature.

Under the Women’s Charter, family violence may refer to a case where one party:

  1. Place a family member in fear of hope;
  2. Cause hurt to a family member;
  3. Restrain or confine a family member against his/ her will; and
  4. Continual harassment.

See: Section 64 of the Women’s Charter (CAP. 353)

There is no reason why family violence should take place. Recently, I read about a case where a factory worker was allegedly caned by his wife for rejecting her sexual advances (up to 10 times a day). There were visible cane marks found on the man.

See: “Wife canes husband when he refuses to have sex”, The Star/ Asia News Network (as seen from Asia One), 14 August 2017

What should you do if you are a victim of family violence in Singapore?

You should contact the police and make a police report. If you suffered physical injuries, you should also go to a doctor for treatment and request for a medical report from the doctor. The next step would be to make an application for a personal protection order at the Family Justice Courts. Bring along the police report, medical report, your NRIC and your marriage certificate (if applicable).

Should you be in imminent danger, the Court may even grant you an expedited order or domestic exclusion order for your protection.

Breach of a protection order may constitute an offence.

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