Family Violence Cases in Singapore

What should victims in family violence cases in Singapore do? Family Violence Cases in Singapore Family violence cases in Singapore need not be violent in nature. Under the Women’s Charter, family violence may refer to a case where one party: Place a family member in fear of hope; Cause hurt to a family member; Restrain … Read more

How Do You Divorce-Proof Your Marriage?

How do you divorce-proof your marriage? According to psychologist Alice H. Clark, it is important to have open discussions on difficult topics such as money, sex, personal space, children and upbringing of children early in the relationship. Many people get married with the hope that something will change about their partners. Having silent hopes can … Read more

How Should You Deal With A Sexless Marriage Singapore?

Between 15% to 25% of marriages in the world are “sexless marriages”. How would you deal with a sexless marriage Singapore? Recently, it was reported that a man in the Jempo district, Malaysia, lost it and threatened to kill his wife and their children when she refused his attempts at intimacy. According to reports, the … Read more

Effects of Lack of Sex in Marriage in Singapore

What are the effects of lack of sex in marriage? According to Jill Blakeway, a certified acupuncturist, in the absence of sex, you and your partner becomes “glorified roommates”. There are 40 million adults in sexless marriage. Why do married couples stop having sex? Exhaustion. After a hard day at work, many people prefer having … Read more

Woman Dealt With Marriage Without Intimacy In Most Extreme Way!

How does one deal with marriage without intimacy? It was reported that an Indian woman cut off her husband’s penis as he had refused sexual intercourse with her for more than 10 years. Rita Yadav is 28. She cut off her husband’s manhood at their home, claiming that he had refused sex. She believed that … Read more

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