Woman Dealt With Marriage Without Intimacy In Most Extreme Way!

How does one deal with marriage without intimacy?

It was reported that an Indian woman cut off her husband’s penis as he had refused sexual intercourse with her for more than 10 years.

Rita Yadav is 28. She cut off her husband’s manhood at their home, claiming that he had refused sex. She believed that her husband was seeing a third party.

Yadav said that her husband would tell her that he hated her and that there would be daily fights. Yadav further claimed that her husband threatened to have an affair. She begged him for sex as she was desperate for children.

When Ved (Yadav’s husband) returned home one night after work, he went to take a shower. However, when he stepped out, Ved was knocked unconscious by Yadav. Yadav then cut off Ved’s penis before surrendering herself to the police. Ved woke up 30 minutes later and called his friend, who took him to the hospital.

Doctors were able to save Ved’s life and even reattached the penis after a 5-hour operation. Yadav, meanwhile, is awaiting trial for the charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with dangerous weapon.

See: Gareth Davies, “’Sex starved Indian wife’ cuts off her husband’s PENIS after he refused to make love to her for ten years”, Mailonline, 10 March 2017

Dealing with a marriage without intimacy can be difficult. Yadav took extreme measures in this case.

How should one deal with a marriage without intimacy?

In Singapore, one can possibly file for divorce based on the ground that one’s spouse has behaved unreasonably by refusing intimacy.

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have also seen many couples filed for divorce as they have differing opinions on whether to have children or not. Having children is a lifelong commitment. Ideally, every couple should have discussed this prior to marriage. In the unfortunate event that parties are not able to reconcile their differing opinions with regard to this matter, divorce may be an unavoidable step to take.

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