Common Types of Unreasonable Behaviour in Singapore

What are the common types of unreasonable behaviour identified in divorce cases in Singapore? Common types of unreasonable behaviour Unreasonable behaviour does not have to be “extreme” and “dramatic”. If you wish to have an amicable divorce and you do not want to paint your spouse in a bad light, you may wish to agree … Read more

Quarrels between Husband and Wife

Nobody should quarrel while on a vacation. Yet it seems that quarrels between husband and wife are quite common on vacations. So what are quarrels between husband and wife on vacation all about? According to a recent survey, 50% of married couples argue about work while on holidays. Surveyors at Korn Ferry found that the … Read more

Spousal Abuse Singapore

What should you do if you are a victim of spouse abuse Singapore? It depends on the kind of spousal abuse Singapore which you are going through. Spousal Abuse Singapore- Physical If it involves physical violence, your remedy may be to file a personal protection order (PPO) complaint against your spouse. If there is sufficient … Read more

Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit in Singapore

From time to time, I receive questions on divorce unreasonable behaviour time limit. Essentially, my clients want to know if there is a time limit to file their divorce if they intend to rely on the unreasonable behaviour of their spouse. Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit Under the Women’s Charter, to rely on the fact … Read more

Meaning of Interim Judgment?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I explain the meaning of Interim Judgment to my clients on a regular basis. Meaning of Interim Judgment Should the Court find sufficient ground for divorce, the Court will grant an interim judgment. Uncontested divorce Singapore If you go through an uncontested divorce, the Court will grant an interim … Read more

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