Causes of Adultery in Marriage

Adultery in Marriage

In a recent study by Dr Helen Fisher, it is discovered that married women between the age of 40 and 45, and married men between the age of 55 to 65 are the most likely to commit adultery in marriage.

Dr Fisher found that a quarter of married people committed adultery in marriage, despite the risks involved. The prospect of facing dire consequences did not stop these people.

Who are the ones who tend to commit adultery in marriage?

  1. Those who see themselves as more socially desirable.
  2. Those who often win in arguments.
  3. Men/ women who were not particularly attached to their parents when they were younger.
  4. Those who feel that they are not sufficiently loved.
  5. Those who are open to new experiences.
  6. Women who are more educated than their husbands.
  7. Those who earn a high income.
  8. Clinically depressed individuals and alcoholics.
  9. Those whose jobs involve touching clients.
  10. Those who work alone with a colleague.
  11. Those whose spouses suffer from chronic illness.
  12. Those who feel that they have a poor sex life.
  13. Men whose wives are pregnant.

Why do people commit adultery in marriage?

It could be an excuse to leave their partners. They may want to feel desired. Others may do so for sex. Some are seeking revenge on their spouses. There are also those who are bored.

Dr Fisher found that religion made no difference.

Married women tend to have more emotional connection with their lovers and their affairs are usually linked to their dissatisfaction with their husbands. This does not however apply for men.

How about adultery genes?

Swedish scientists found that vasopressin, a hormone stored in the pituitary glands and released into the bloodstream and into the brain, affected men’s sexual behaviour. Those who did not carry the gene are the most attached to their partners.

See: Dr Helen Fisher, “Revealed, the intriguing truth about infidelity: Only men have the adultery gene, career women fuel divorce and men stray most aged 55 to 65”, The Daily Mail, 18 February 2017

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