Joint Bank Accounts and Divorce

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I sometimes face questions on joint bank accounts and divorce.

Recently, I came across an article that discusses the idea of having a joint bank account with your spouse.

The advantages

  • Joint bank accounts promote communication

According to the article, having a joint bank account promotes communication. Each spouse will learn about the spending habits and earning power of the other. This will lead to a successful marriage, since monetary woes often cause divorce in Singapore.

  • Joint bank accounts get the household expenses in order

With a joint bank account, the couple would know what is coming and what is going out of the household account. Hence, the couple could develop a budgeting plan and stick to it.

  • Joint bank accounts promote mutual financial responsibility

Having a joint bank account helps couples find out which expenses can be reduced. This will help the couple work together towards financial goals.

The disadvantages

  • Emotional barriers

There is no guarantee that one of the spouses would spend the money in the joint bank account frivolously. This could lead to even more arguments!

Worse, one of them could abscond with the entire sum in the joint bank account.

See: “Important for Married Couple to Have Joint Bank Account”,, 29 December 2016

Joint bank accounts and divorce

What happen to joint bank accounts in the event of a divorce?

The funds in joint bank accounts may be matrimonial assets. Money acquired during the course of marriage by one party constitutes matrimonial asset. Hence, they may be divided under the Women’s Charter Singapore.

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