Man Beaten Up By Ex-Wife! Find Out About Personal Protection Order Against An Ex-Spouse in Singapore

Can one make a personal protection order against an ex-spouse in Singapore?

Recently, an Indian man was attached by his ex-spouse at his wedding. She claimed that they were not divorced.

The 42-year-old man, Vishal Kumar Sonu, was punched by his ex-wife outside the wedding venue. Rakhi, the ex-wife, claimed that Sonu could not remarry as she was still married to him!

Rakhi barged in during the wedding reception at a restaurant. During the argument, Sonu claimed that he did know Rakhi. This angered Rakhi and her family who assaulted him.

According to Sonu, he had divorced Rakhi and had supporting documents. As he and his bride attempted to leave, they were chased by his ex-spouse and her relatives. The situation got so bad that police were called in.

Ex-spouse’s version

In defence of Rakhi, her brother Pawan Kumar said that the couple have a teenage son. Rakhi moved back after their relationship soured. Pawan claimed that they set a condition that Rakhi would be sent back only when Sonu started earning, to which Sonu agreed. They were shocked when they were shown his wedding invitation.

The Court will now decide on whether further action will be taken.

See: Gareth Davies, “To have and to hold… round his neck! Indian groom is beaten up by his FIRST wife after she barges into the wedding ‘like a scene from a Bollywood movie” and claims they are not divorced”, Mailonline, 7 March 2017

Family violence

Causing hurt to a family member constitutes family violence and the victim can make an application for a personal protection order.

It is possible to make an application for personal protection order against an ex-spouse in Singapore.

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