Domestic Violence Singapore Statistics

Domestic Violence Singapore Statistics According to the Minister of Social and Family Development Mr Desmond Lee, there were more than 400 cases of domestic violence against women above the age of 50 every year from 2014 to 2016. There were 480 applications for personal protection orders (PPO) in 2014 by women above the age of … Read more

Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment

Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment depends on the severity of the harm inflicted on the victim. In a recent case, a father was sentenced to one year imprisonment for causing a fracture to his son’s right eye socket. He pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous hurt to his son on … Read more

Family Violence Cases in Singapore

What should victims in family violence cases in Singapore do? Family Violence Cases in Singapore Family violence cases in Singapore need not be violent in nature. Under the Women’s Charter, family violence may refer to a case where one party: Place a family member in fear of hope; Cause hurt to a family member; Restrain … Read more

Spousal Abuse Singapore

What should you do if you are a victim of spouse abuse Singapore? It depends on the kind of spousal abuse Singapore which you are going through. Spousal Abuse Singapore- Physical If it involves physical violence, your remedy may be to file a personal protection order (PPO) complaint against your spouse. If there is sufficient … Read more

Family Court PPO- Should you apply for one?

Many of my clients wonder what the point of getting a Family Court PPO is. After a Family Court PPO does not ensure that you get 24-hour protection from an aggressor. Well, if you are granted a Family Court PPO and the aggressor contravenes the Family Court PPO, there is a possibility that he/ she … Read more

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