Spousal Abuse Singapore

What should you do if you are a victim of spouse abuse Singapore?

It depends on the kind of spousal abuse Singapore which you are going through.

Spousal Abuse Singapore- Physical

If it involves physical violence, your remedy may be to file a personal protection order (PPO) complaint against your spouse. If there is sufficient evidence, the Family Justice Courts may grant a PPO in your favour, making it an offence for your spouse to abuse you again.

If there is danger at home, the Court may even grant a domestic exclusion order against your spouse.

Spousal Abuse Singapore- Non-Violent

There are many forms of spousal abuse Singapore which may not be physical in nature.

I recently read a report stating that 80% of South Korean men had abused their girlfriend during the dating period.

71% had controlled their girlfriends’ activities- restricting them from meeting friends or family members. Some of them even called until their girlfriends answered their calls and imposed dress codes on their dress codes.

Others subject their girlfriends to psychological or emotional abuse- slamming the door or stamping their feet on the ground.

See: “8 in 10 South Korean men used violence against girlfriends: Study”, The Straits Times, 18 August 2017

If you are a victim of such non-violent spousal abuse Singapore, and you find it intolerable to continue living with your spouse, you may wish to file for divorce on the basis that your spouse has been unreasonable in his/ her behaviour.

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