Getting Married Again After Divorce

Over the last few years, I have attended a few weddings of my former clients. Clients who have divorced and found a new love. The real one. What is it like getting married again after divorce?

If I can say one thing to my client, that would be it is never too late to find true love again. Getting married again after divorce is not something that is out of the norm, regardless of your age.

I recently read about the marriage of 98-year-old Gertrude Mokotoff and 94-year-old Alvin Mann. The couple met at a gym 8 years ago, introduced by a mutual friend. Mokotoff did what she needed to do- asking Mann to marry her after driving home one night. She was “tired of chasing after him”.

Mann’s neighbour said: “This man is 94 years old, and I see him outside chopping down trees, dragging logs out of the woods with his old Ford tractor, stacking firewood and cutting the grass. Then I see him and Gert running around like two high school sweethearts, holding hands and kissing, and driving to New York City on weekends. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Other than Mokotoff and Mann, 89-year-old Doris Ladner and 84-year-old Robert Holler got married in April 2017. Both Ladner and Holler use the wheelchair and always hold hands.

See: “98-year-old’s wedding to 94-year-old will renew your belief in love”, Yahoo Style, 12 August 2017

Is getting married again after divorce impossible? Certainly not. I hope the remarkable stories renew your belief in love.

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