Benefits of Being Single

Some of my clients find it hard to adjust to being a single. Divorce certainly isn’t all gloom and doom. There are many benefits of being single. Benefits of being single Some of the benefits of being single are as follows: You are going to be more likely to support and stay in contact with … Read more

Marriage Agency Singapore for Divorcees

According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, 7,614 marriages ended in a divorce or an annulment in 2016, up from 7,522 in 2015. Many couples who got divorced are young and not afraid to start a new relationship. Some turn to matchmaking agencies in the hope of finding new love. A matchmaking agency Singapore is … Read more

Remarriage After Divorce Singapore

Are you open to remarriage after divorce Singapore? Case Study- Remarriage after Divorce Singapore Mr Yap’s wife died of a lung infection 8 years ago. He has a married son in his 30s but he lived alone. In his words: “I was lonely. There was no one to talk to, no one to look after … Read more

Getting Married Again After Divorce

Over the last few years, I have attended a few weddings of my former clients. Clients who have divorced and found a new love. The real one. What is it like getting married again after divorce? If I can say one thing to my client, that would be it is never too late to find … Read more

Dating for Divorcees in Singapore

Dating for Divorcees in Singapore Many of my clients cannot imagine dating after their divorce. Some develop a phobia for marriage. Others choose to remain single for their children, like Cecilia Cheung. Sin Chew Daily reported that actress Cecilia Cheung is choosing to remain single after her divorce in order to spend more time with … Read more

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