Dating for Divorcees in Singapore

Dating for Divorcees in Singapore

Many of my clients cannot imagine dating after their divorce. Some develop a phobia for marriage. Others choose to remain single for their children, like Cecilia Cheung.

Sin Chew Daily reported that actress Cecilia Cheung is choosing to remain single after her divorce in order to spend more time with her children.

Cheung, 37, divorced actor Nicholas Tse in 2011. In the interview, she said that her priority is to ensure that her children are happy.

Her ex-husband Tse reportedly failed to attend their elder son’s 10th birthday party recently. Tse is dating pop diva Faye Wong.

See: “Cecilia Cheung chooses to remain single to care for sons”, The Star/ ANN (as seen from Asia One), 7 August 2017

From a divorce lawyer’s point of view, I view dating for divorcees in Singapore as healthy.

While I admire Cheung’s position and that of other clients who choose to remain single to focus on their children, I would think that there is no conflict between dating and caring for children.

There are many aspects to life, including work, family and love.

It is important to achieve a balance and not be overly focused in one area.

As for those who develop a phobia towards marriage after their divorce, I have seen many ex-clients remarry and leading a successful marriage life.

I encourage all my clients to look after themselves after their divorce. Only when they are happy, can the people around them be happy.

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