Benefits of Being Single

Some of my clients find it hard to adjust to being a single. Divorce certainly isn’t all gloom and doom. There are many benefits of being single.

Benefits of being single

Some of the benefits of being single are as follows:

  1. You are going to be more likely to support and stay in contact with your family. You are more likely to socialize with your friends and neighbours. In other words, a divorce frees you up and gives you more time to socialize.
  2. You will have more time on yourself. You will be able to pursue your interests freely.
  3. You will have more time on leisure. Single people are likely to spend an average of 5.56 hours per day on overall leisure activities, as compared to the 4.87 hours spent on leisure by married people.
  4. You will experience more personal growth. There will be new experiences.
  5. You will have fewer legal liabilities. Many of my clients are concerned that they need to pay for their spouses’ debts. Well, this will no longer be a concern.
  6. You will have fewer bills to pay.
  7. You will have more time for exercise and this will lead to better health.
  8. Single people tend to sleep better.

See: Rachel Gillett, “How staying single could improve your life”, Business Insider, 17 September 2017

Given that there are so many benefits of being single, one certainly need not be too concerned about life after divorce.

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