Divorce Procedure in Singapore for PR

What is the divorce procedure in Singapore for PR?

Divorce Procedure in Singapore for PR

In general, the divorce procedure in Singapore for PR is identical to the divorce procedure in Singapore for citizens.

If all terms are agreed, an appointment can be made with one of our lawyers. We will prepare the divorce papers and arrange for signing. After the papers are signed, they are submitted to Court and the Court will proceed to grant the divorce if all the papers are in order.

If the terms are not agreed, most couples proceed to mediation to attempt to reach an amicable settlement on the terms of the divorce.

Considerations when Filing for Divorce

Will the foreign spouse continue living in Singapore? In general, the PR status of the foreign spouse will not be affected by a divorce. Hence, foreign spouses who are PRs in Singapore will usually have no difficulty in staying in Singapore.

What about living arrangements? Foreign spouses will usually be living with their Singaporean partners at their homes during the marriage.

If the foreign spouse decide to return to their home country, will the children relocate with him/ her?

Problems Facing Foreigners Married to Singaporeans Living in Singapore

At Family Law Advocates, we handle many divorces involving foreigners- expatriates, clients from China and Vietnam, etc.

As more Singaporeans marry foreigners, the number of divorces involving at least 1 foreigner in Singapore has increased over the years.

Foreigners may experience difficulties in Singapore, especially if there is a language barrier or if foreigners are not prepared for their new lives in Singapore.

In Korea, for instance, 1 in 5 Vietnamese- Korean couples filed for divorce in 2015.

See: “Vietnamese brides say ‘I do’ to South Korea”, Channel News Asia, 3 October 201

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