Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment

Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment Domestic Violence Singapore Punishment depends on the severity of the harm inflicted on the victim. In a recent case, a father was sentenced to one year imprisonment for causing a fracture to his son’s right eye socket. He pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous hurt to his son on … Read more

Spousal Abuse Singapore

What should you do if you are a victim of spouse abuse Singapore? It depends on the kind of spousal abuse Singapore which you are going through. Spousal Abuse Singapore- Physical If it involves physical violence, your remedy may be to file a personal protection order (PPO) complaint against your spouse. If there is sufficient … Read more

Protection from Harassment Act Singapore and Harassment Penalty Singapore

I am sometimes asked about Protection From Harassment Act Singapore. My clients are also interested to know about harassment penalty Singapore. What is considered harassment in Singapore? Recently, Jannie Chan appeared in Court to explain her intentions in sending hundreds of allegedly harassing and defamatory emails to her ex-husband. The prominent businesswoman co-founded watch retailer … Read more

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