Family Violence Cases in Singapore

What should victims in family violence cases in Singapore do? Family Violence Cases in Singapore Family violence cases in Singapore need not be violent in nature. Under the Women’s Charter, family violence may refer to a case where one party: Place a family member in fear of hope; Cause hurt to a family member; Restrain … Read more

My Wife Wants Everything in Our Savings Account…

B.P. from Maryland wrote in to The Moneyologist Column recently, saying that his wife of 21 years wants to divorce him and that she wants everything in their savings account. B.P. does not earn as much as his wife and wants to stay in their family home. Facts According to B.P., the facts are as … Read more

Japanese Man Gave Silent Treatment to Wife for 20 Years- Understand Informal Separation in Singapore

For over 20 years, Japanese man Otoru refused to speak to his wife as he was “sulking”. To him, the relationship is at a stage of no return. Despite not speaking to his wife, Otoru continues to live with his wife and their 3 children. He speaks normally to his children. The couple’s 18-year-old son, … Read more

My Husband Cheated On Me With Sugar Baby

From my experience as a divorce lawyer in Singapore, adultery often spells the end of a marriage. Even the most gracious spouse finds it hard to deal with the betrayal. When my female clients come to me saying “my husband cheated on me”, I know the possibility of saving the marriage is slim. However, a … Read more

Unreasonable Behaviour Divorce Examples

A divorce based on unreasonable behaviour Singapore? What are some of the unreasonable behaviour divorce examples? What are most people’s “relationship deal breakers”? People were asked about their relationship deal breakers on Reddit recently. To some men, a “boring sex life” is a relationship deal breaker. One woman stated “bad hygiene” to be her “deal … Read more

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