How Should You Deal With A Sexless Marriage Singapore?

Between 15% to 25% of marriages in the world are “sexless marriages”. How would you deal with a sexless marriage Singapore?

Recently, it was reported that a man in the Jempo district, Malaysia, lost it and threatened to kill his wife and their children when she refused his attempts at intimacy.

According to reports, the 57-year-old man tried to have sex with his wife at home but was rejected. In his anger, he went berserk and smashed many things at home, including vases, plates and bowls.

His wife had refused him as she had filed for divorce and the couple were slated to appear in Court. After the incident, the wife made a police report and the man was arrested on the following afternoon.

See: “Man loses it after wife says no to sex”, The Star Online, 4 April 2017

As a divorce lawyer Singapore, I have had many clients come to me telling me that they are in a sexless marriage Singapore. Everybody has different expectations of sexual intimacy with their spouses. While there are many couples who are happy to be in a sexless marriage Singapore, there are those who are dissatisfied with the state of affairs.

If you are in a sexless marriage Singapore, you can file for divorce based on your spouse’s unreasonable behavior.

In the event that you are in a sexless marriage Singapore, and your spouse had refused to consummate the marriage with you from the start of the marriage, you may wish to file for an annulment based on your spouse’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage with you. A sexless marriage Singapore in Singapore which has never been consummated is voidable. After an annulment, it is taken that the marriage is void from the start and you are taken to be never married.

If you are in a sexless marriage Singapore, and would like more information on your rights, contact us today!

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