No Intimacy Grounds for Divorce in Singapore?

How important is a healthy sex life to marriage? No intimacy grounds for divorce in Singapore? I recently came across an article by Jamie Hergenrader, who wrote from the perspective of a woman on sex. The problem when you want more sex A recent study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that … Read more

Sexless Marriage in Singapore Caused by ED

Erectile Dysfunction (commonly known as “ED”) is a taboo topic for many men in Singapore. It is defined as the “inability to maintain an erection rigid enough for sexual intercourse”. Usual complaints include: Difficulty in initiating an erection; Difficulty in sustaining an erection until completion of sexual act; and Having erections which are not sufficient … Read more

Marriage Mistakes to Avoid

Marriage mistakes to avoid I recently read an article on marriage mistakes to avoid. Brittany Wong, Relationships Editor of the Huffington Post, interviewed divorce lawyers across the United States. The marriage mistakes to avoid are as follows: Silent treatment. According to one divorce lawyer, fighting is healthy but when it turns to serious fights on … Read more

My Husband Cheated On Me With Sugar Baby

From my experience as a divorce lawyer in Singapore, adultery often spells the end of a marriage. Even the most gracious spouse finds it hard to deal with the betrayal. When my female clients come to me saying “my husband cheated on me”, I know the possibility of saving the marriage is slim. However, a … Read more

Man Sliced Off Genitals Due to “Sexless Marriage”

A man whose attempts to have sex with his wife failed did the unthinkable- he cut off his penis! Pretty drastic actions due to a “sexless marriage”. Ghasi Ram, 37, is from India. He claims that he has endured a sexless marriage for 10 years. Coming home drunk one night, he pestered his 34-year-old wife … Read more

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