No Intimacy Grounds for Divorce in Singapore?

How important is a healthy sex life to marriage? No intimacy grounds for divorce in Singapore?

I recently came across an article by Jamie Hergenrader, who wrote from the perspective of a woman on sex.

The problem when you want more sex

A recent study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men greatly underestimate their partners’ sex drives.

The fact is, women do want sex even though they are not open with sexual expressions. Hence men may not necessarily pick up the cues.

Psychotherapist Ian Kerner, PhD, suggests that women should use “sexy language” to speak to their partners.

Sex and relationships expert Megan Fleming, PhD, added that it helps for a woman to explain to her man what it means to her so that he knows sex is important to her and their bond.

The problem when he wants more sex

Hergenrader suggested that women do not have to satisfy every request for sex from men. However, she warned that rejections will build up. The author suggests that the solution is to compromise on the frequency of sex and schedule the “romps”.

See: Jamie Hergenrader, “What To Do If You Want To Have Sex Way More Often Than Your Partner”, Women’s Health, 23 January 2017

No intimacy grounds for divorce in Singapore

Is no intimacy grounds for divorce in Singapore? Yes. Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, one can file for divorce if his/ her spouse has behaved in such a way that he/ she cannot reasonably be expected to live with him/ her.

Contact us today if you are contemplating filing for divorce based on the basis that your spouse is refusing your attempts at intimacy.

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