Woman Had Affair With Her Husband! Catch a Cheating Spouse in Singapore

How do you catch a cheating spouse in Singapore?

Pam (not her real name) suspected that her husband was having an affair but was not able to prove it. She had married her husband Dan (not his real name) for more than 20 years. Dan was a playboy even in their dating days. However, Pam still married Dan out of love, hoping that he would change for the better.

The discovery!

Pam suspected that her husband was having an affair with some of his friends. Despite repeatedly asking her husband, Dan did not admit. One day, Pam looked through Dan’s bookmarked sites and found 2 dating websites.

The scam- lesson on how to catch a cheating spouse in Singapore

Pam created a false profile for herself on the website. She was bent on searching for her husband on these sites and to confront him about it. She did not upload her photo.

After a week, Pam found Dan on one of the sites. He was using a moniker and his profile photo was not there. However, Pam recognized the tattoo he had.

Pam then sent a message to Dan! Dan replied 2 days later and thanked Pam for her friendship request. When he asked why Pam did not have a photo, she said she did not want to be recognized. Pam also said that she would send Dan her photo when they got to know each other better. Pam then described herself as a tall, curvy girl with big eyes. She knows that this would appeal to Dan. They started exchanging messages online.

Dan started asking intimate questions. They communicated for 3 weeks before Pam asked for Dan’s photo. Pam was hesitant about seeing Dan’s photo when he sent it over to her. Did she really want to confirm that it was her husband whom she was flirting with? When she finally saw the photo, her worst fears came true!

The final step- catch a cheating spouse in Singapore

Pam replied 2 days later. The couple arranged to meet up in person and Pam told Dan to look out for a woman in red. Before the meetup, Pam was again hesitant. Did she really want to end her marriage? When the day finally arrived, Pam told Dan that she was going out and would be back that night. She gave Dan a long kiss goodbye, knowing that it would be the final kiss.

Pam spent the day dolling up. When she was done, she went to meet Dan. She sat at the mirrored bar so that she could see Dan before he saw her.

Dan came with flowers. When he spotted Pam, he said “Hello, beautiful”. Pam turned around and said “Hello, Dan” as Dan’s smile froze and his eyes grew wide. He said he was meeting friends and was shocked to bump into her. Pam told Dan to drop the act and that she knew all about it. She did not give her husband a chance to explain and started to cry.

Starting over

Dan tried to make amends after that and pleaded for a second chance. He confessed to being addicted to one night stand.

Pam tried to forgive Dan but she could not erase what happened. They ended up in divorce.

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Catch a cheating spouse in Singapore

The usual way to catch a cheating spouse in Singapore involves hiring a private investigator to tail the cheating spouse. The private investigator would produce a report at the end of the investigations and the report can be used in Court.

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have also encountered clients who produced text messages, emails, photographs and other evidence which could potentially be used to prove adultery.

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