Man Wants Girlfriend to Complete “Wife Lessons” Before Marriage!

My clients frequently ask me: “Can I get a divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour Singapore?”

Story of Josh and Rebecca

Josh and Rebecca have been together for more than 2 years. They have an 18-month-old baby girl and are expecting another. However, they are not married. They appeared on TV to share their mutual gripes about each other. Josh shared that he needed Rebecca to be a better wife before he would think about marrying her.

For instance, Josh wants his meal ready by the time he gets home from work because he is the breadwinner. He claims that physically Rebecca is perfect but mentally she is not.

Josh has told Rebecca that he expects the house to be deep cleaned by her.

He has a list of demands for Rebecca- expecting her to:

  1. Keep a grocery list
  2. Ensure that the house is immaculate
  3. Counts personal time as a trip to the grocery store
  4. Check with him if she leaves the house
  5. Not to have a cash allowance
  6. Pay for her own mobile phone

While Rebecca wants to save the relationship, she is not comfortable with Josh being a “controlling narcissist”.

Josh makes Rebecca feel bad about herself when she does not go her way. In fact, he does not allow her to visit her mother. Once, he took air out of the tires in their truck to stop her from leaving.

See: Jennifer Smith, “’Once she learns, the sky’s the limit’: Man explains why he won’t marry the mother of his children until she completes WIFE LESSONS”,, 1 February 2017

Divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour Singapore

How does one get a divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour Singapore?

Under the law, one can get a divorce if his/ her spouse has behaved in a way that he/ she cannot reasonably be expected to live with his/ her spouse. Hence, if Rebecca were married to Josh, she is likely to be able to get a divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour Singapore based on Josh’s controlling behaviour in the marriage.

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